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Title: Berceuse du Diable
Chapter: 2 / 2
Authors: Akiru chan
Pairing/Characters:  Sebastian/Ciel
Rating: M
Summary: Ciel would do anything to make his dreams come true. Unfortunately he would learn that some dreams aren’t worth dying for.
Warnings: Violence, adult content, yaoi, language, noncon, shouta, and dark themes

Part Two

“Ciel! Open this door now!” Vincent’s fist hammered on the door, the force turning his knuckles a fierce red. “You can’t hole yourself up in your room all week. You haven’t even come out to eat today.”

No answer came, and Vincent pounded on the door all the harder. It had been like this for far longer than he should have ever allowed. When Ciel had come to him nearly a year ago asking to be home schooled so that he could dedicate more time to music, Vincent had seen little problem with it. He was overjoyed that Ciel seemed keen on getting better and better. Soon, he was sure, Ciel would gain international fame. It was something he had always wanted for his son.

But now it seemed like things had taken a turn for the worst. Ciel studied; he was an impeccable student, and Ciel practiced his violin. It was all the fourteen year old ever did. He never left his room, much less the house, even going so far as to cancel concerts for the sake of practice. Food was even becoming an issue.

Today had been especially bad. Ciel had turned away every offer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even now, hot plate in hand, Vincent couldn’t get the door open enough to pass over a plate of Ciel’s favorite meal. He had even had Rachel run to the corner bakery of 5th street to grab a slice of their famous German chocolate cake. It was all they could do to tempt Ciel out of his hiding and obsessive composing.

“Ciel! I even brought cake.” The offer went unheard, the boy already too lost in his own little world. He sat on his bed, clad only in a loose shirt and boxers. In his lap sat the devilish violin; he had long since stopped finding the instrument to be holy. Around him papers were scattered, all half-written compositions with scribbled out treble clefs and other such notes.

A curse, something no fourteen year old should utilize, left Ciel’s mouth as another wrong cord was hit. As hard as he tried, Ciel could not compose anything up to his own standards. Every sonata felt weak or used a hundred times over. There was nothing fresh or new about what he wrote. His parents had praised every little thing he had written. They all sounded good to them, and therefore they were of no help.How could they be when they knew not of what was at stake? They did not understand why Ciel was locking himself away, focusing solely on his music. All they saw was a lost boy, getting too deep and obsessed in his own talent. If only they knew that to forsake his tasks would lead to something far greater than death.

Until recently, the idea of a soul seemed of little importance. He could not see it, and he could not touch it. It was there, he knew that much now. Perhaps it was the thing that tightened in his chest every time he thought of losing it. Some nights, such thoughts made him sick. They kept him awake until he gave up sleeping altogether. He would then sit and play a sad tune on his violin in hopes that he would become inspired to write the piece that would save himself from hell.

Tonight was already seeming to be a sleepless one. Ciel barely felt the pulls of fatigue or the stirrings of hunger. It didn’t matter how much his body had withered away. Nothing mattered if he could not save his own life. With a suffering sigh, Ciel grabbed at a few blank sheets of paper and a pen. He would try again, and then again. He would try a million times over if that was what it took. After all he only had a year. A year that seemed to flash by like a heartbeat.

At that point, his father had gone away. The yelling and beating down of the door had stopped. Ciel knew that he would get a lecture for this in time, but it was of little worry as of now. He began writing down notes to a beginning he believed to be satisfactory. It was calming, almost angelic. A part of it reminded Ciel of the song Sebastian had played for him, the song that had cast its spell and pulled him into this deal.

There was an eeriness to Ciel’s version, making it almost haunting. When Ciel played it, he pictured the sad image of a young lady; heart torn out and bleeding, her pale skin growing whiter, and growing all the colder. It was the song of death, a death brought about by love and innocence. But then a cord was struck and everything fell apart and the illusion was over. Ciel would then throw out another sheet of newly written music, only to start anew once more.

Even if Ciel didn’t want to admit it, he knew that he was stuck. He could only manage to achieve four bars before everything crumbled. Nothing he did seemed to help, and it only left him frustrated and irate. A quick glance at the clock told him that he had already wasted another three hours, midnight having already passed. The grandfather clock had just finished its chime before Ciel was picking up his violin once more. It was an unforgiving cycle and one that Ciel was unable to stop.

“You’re going to kill yourself.” The deep sultry tone rose over the sound of the violin, causing Ciel to tense and draw bow from strings. “What a shame if you don’t even make it to your deadline.”

Sebastian stood in a dark corner of Ciel’s room, eyes looking down at a crumpled piece of paper that he had picked up. Ciel recognized it as one of his failed compositions. His body stiffened at seeing this creature once more after far too long of an absence. It made Ciel question why Sebastian was here. The last time he had been in this room was when Ciel had first had the misfortune of meeting Sebastian.

“Although I suppose,” Sebastian started, looking up from the slip of paper. “If this is as good as you can do, then there is no need to wait another year to claim my prize.”

Ciel watched in anxious wonder as the paper within Sebastian’s hands crumpled into a pile of ash as if burned by the man’s hands. He shrank back as Sebastian approached with a fluid grace that Ciel had once thought as angelic. Now he resembled a predator stalking its prey, pulling Ciel into a trance with each deadly sway of Sebastian’s hips. The violin was held closer to Ciel’s chest like some prized defense against the monster before him.

“I will do better,” Ciel assured him. The sudden appearance of Sebastian had shaken Ciel, leaving him unsure of the situation and what the man had in store. Their last meeting had left Ciel feeling defenseless and violated. It was something Ciel did not want to relive.

Clear amusement danced within Sebastian’s eyes as he watched Ciel’s anxiety build. It was a look that seemed to grow and intensify with each moment they spent together. No longer was there that look of blind faith, but in its place had grown distrust and fear. A smirk bloomed on Sebastian’s lips.

The bed dipped as Sebastian took a seat next to Ciel, loving the feel of Ciel’s body tensing next to his own. “What’s the matter, little one? Does something frighten you?” Cool fingers pressed against Ciel’s cheek and Sebastian laughed when he jumped from the touch. “Do I frighten you?” Slitted eyes danced a fiery red, and Ciel no longer doubted Sebastian’s true nature.

“You’re a demon?” The words tumbled forth before Ciel could catch them, but it mattered very little at that point. Ciel knew the truth, and the way that Sebastian’s lips turned upward just a bit more solidified it completely in Ciel’s mind.

Sebastian’s hand withdrew and settled on his lap, keeping it to himself for the time being. “You ask that as if you had once thought differently.” All the moments before now had been leading up to this second. Sebastian had been waiting so patiently for this little boy to realize just what kind of hell he had been willing to walk into.

The look on Ciel’s face brought out great pleasure, and it was displayed plainly on Sebastian’s face. There were no words to describe the cruelty of the smile Ciel was given and he felt himself frozen to his spot in horror. “I... I th--thought...” What had he been thinking? That this man had been an angel? Looking upon Sebastian now, Ciel couldn’t begin to fathom how he had come to such an absurd conclusion.

“What did you think, little one?” Sebastian continued to push as he brought himself all the closer to Ciel. The violin was dropped to the bed, the bow falling with a clatter to the floor. Moving closer and closer, Sebastian pushed Ciel back. Cool cotton and plush mattress was soft against Ciel, molding into his spine. Sebastian hovered over him and still he moved himself all the nearer.

Ciel could feel the heat of this man, this demon, against him, and he was sure that Sebastian could feel the frantic beating of Ciel’s heart. The erratic pace was almost painful and Ciel had to force himself to breath. A hot breath ghosted over the shell of Ciel’s ear and panic seized his whole body. His breath caught and he could no longer bring himself to move. Was this what it meant to be paralyzed with fear? Ciel thought without humor.

Sebastian kissed and licked at the ear, noises of pure delight and humor intermingling with the wet smacks of kisses. “Do tell me, little Ciel, what manner of creature did you believe me to be?” Ciel was being mocked, he knew as much, and he knew even more so that he deserved such treatment. He had made a pact born of innocence, ignorance, and greed. It was what the devil fed from and Ciel was placing himself on a platter for this demon.

When no answer was forthcoming, Sebastian continued his claiming of his Ciel’s body. A clawed hand slipped up the hem of Ciel’s willowy night shirt, pushing it up past slim, boyish thighs. The moment Sebastian’s fingers pressed into the soft flesh, Ciel became alive once more. Ciel struggled the best he could, but the demon was far too strong to even allow Ciel the smallest of hopes of escape.

The desperation of Ciel’s fight only seemed to push the demon forward as he tainted every inch of untouched skin. Sebastian defiled him in such a way that only a sin devoured creature could hope to accomplish. “Tell me what creature you thought me to be. Would they have dared to touch you here?” A sickeningly hot hand cupped and pressed harshly between Ciel’s thighs and he cried out, tears staining his cheeks.  He thrashed as Sebastian touched him in a place that not even Ciel had ventured to fully know. The little flaccid cock was squeezed and rubbed with only a thin layer of cloth between it and a demon’s touch. “Tell me!” Sebastian’s voice had become demanding, leaving Ciel with only the choice to reply.

“A... An angel.”

Sebastian pulled back, a great many barks of laughter falling from his lips. “An angel?” He questioned and pressed forward to settle a belying kiss to Ciel’s cheek. “My sweet boy, I’m afraid you have been deceived. I’m sorry to disappoint, but I am no angel. There is no holiness, no righteousness within me. I do not know God.” Once more, that hand was on Ciel’s body alongside a hot and hungry mouth.

It felt as though every inch of Ciel’s skin were being licked from his body by a burning flame. He screamed and pleaded for it to stop. He called for his mother and he called for his father. No one came, and no help was given as his body was violated by the demon he had sold himself to. “No one can hear you my Ciel. I’ve made sure that your pretty little voice can’t leave this room. No one will come to save you.” Ciel was told and ever so slowly, his body fell limply under Sebastian’s touch as he gave in to his fate.

Then it was over. Sebastian’s heat and weight were gone, and Ciel found himself clothed and covered once more as if nothing had happened at all. For a short moment, Ciel allowed himself to feel the relief that he was once more alone. The feeling was forcefully pulled away when blue eyes landed on the dark figure which had melted back into the shadows. Two glowing orbs of blood red ruby stared back, and Ciel felt his body seize up with terror once more.

“You are indeed a lovely instrument. Perhaps you’ll come out of this with your soul after all... So long as you play like that.” The demon’s parting words pounded within Ciel’s head as he tried to grasp the meaning and hope that they held true. His attention turned to the violin that still lay innocently on the bed beside him. His body still burned and his stomach turned from the way Sebastian had touched him. Never again would he allow the demon to have him in such a way. Ciel’s soul was still his own, and he would not allow that to change.

Ciel collapsed in a heap atop his bed. His whole body shook as he cried his pain and fear into his pillows. That night, no sleep came to Ciel without being in the company of nightmares far more sinister than the devil himself.

God help him.


The Paris sky was lovely, Ciel concluded as he looked up at the French sky and his namesake. It was clear, not a cloud in sight. Every star and planet twinkled with its only light as if dancing to some unheard tune. It made Ciel itch to pick up his violin and play like he had in the days when it was little more than for his own private joy and pleasure. Funny how he now wished to go back to the days when he would sit at home beside his father and learn each cord and struggle to be just like the man next to him.

Struggling in life, Ciel decided, wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Nothing was free, but perhaps, and especially in his own case, there were options that allowed for a less crippling fee. Ciel could only wish that he had given himself over to hardship and desperation in order to gain the talent he held now. If that had been the case, then he would have only had himself to thank and not the devilish instrument that lay within its case, tucked safely among his things.

Tomorrow he would be forced to give a concert at the Olympia, his fist ever European appearance. It was a moment Ciel should have been excited for. His finest sonata would be played for everyone to hear, and Ciel believed it to be on par with anything an angel or a devil could compose. It had to be, Ciel knew that well enough, or all of this would have turned out for naught.

It had been a year, closing in on two, since Ciel had last seen or heard from the demon who held claim to his soul. Each second that ticked by was only a second closer to the defining moment that would judge Ciel of his worth. At times he had hoped, with every day gone by, that perhaps Sebastian had had his fun and found himself a new toy to play with. Ciel could only bring himself to believe this for a passing moment. The demon was far too cruel to allow Ciel such a boon.

He turned to move from the balcony overlooking Paris, and headed back into the suite he shared with his parents. They had gone to bed within their room hours before, leaving Ciel to his own devices. It was amazing just how far apart they had grown, barely uttering any words outside of music and business. Vincent no longer tried to broach some form of small talk, and Rachel barely acknowledged her son.

It was just as well, Ciel supposed. He might not have much longer to live. If anything, this would make his passing all the more easier on his parents. There was nothing to be spiteful over; Ciel had brought his parents cold regards upon himself. With every year, Ciel pushed them farther and farther away as he closed himself into his room and drowned himself in his compositions.

Ciel stood for a moment in the doorway to the room his parents slept in. He watched as his father shifted closer to his mother, and Ciel managed a small smile. No matter the current situation, he still loved them immensely. They slept on without knowledge of their son’s watchful eye. Ciel only stayed a moment more before he too felt the pull of sleep and turned down the small hallway of the suite towards his bedroom.

It was a small room, nothing too fancy but updated to modern standards. The city lights were blocked out by heavy drapes, leaving the room to fall into dreadful darkness. The violin sat atop a stool, sheets of music covering it like a cool blanket. It went ignored as Ciel crossed his room towards his bed. A duvet was spread out across it, looking far too welcoming for Ciel to resist.

Without thinking of how childish the act might have seemed, he flung himself onto the bed. Ciel’s body bounced on the soft mattress, and he buried his face into fragrant pillows that smelled of lavender. He inhaled deeply and felt his body relax, not bothering to get under the blanket; he was far too sleepy for that.

The day had been long, and Ciel had spent most of it practicing and refining his performance for the next morning. Jet lag didn’t help the fatigue and it wasn’t long before the cool French air and the scent of lavender lulled Ciel into a peaceful slumber. It was a dreamless sleep, and he slept curled into a tight ball.

A cold breeze suddenly filled the room. It came from seemingly nowhere and dropped the temperature, causing goosebumps to appear on the flesh of Ciel’s arms and legs. He shivered and grappled for the blanket in his sleep. It was of little use, his body keeping the duvet firmly beneath him. Wakefulness was stirring, and Ciel tried to fight it off along with the cold. He groaned, feeling far too uncomfortable due to the chill within the room.

Ciel did not wish to wake, not when it seemed like only moments before that he had first fallen asleep. He couldn’t afford to be tired in the morning and he fought with himself fiercely. Eyes clamped closed as they refused to open, but it was of little use. The cold was becoming unbearable, and he couldn’t stand it for much longer. With an irritated sigh, Ciel opened his eyes and sat up.

The cold seemed to vanish and a burst of heat rushed down Ciel’s neck and spine. Dread seemed to seep within him, starting at his fingertips as they tingled and fought for purchase in the sheets. Something wasn’t right, and it left Ciel shaking atop his bed. He knew this feeling: the cold, the heat of a hot breath, and the feeling of knowing that you were insignificant, just a rabbit before the lion.

Frantic looks were cast about the room. Nothing seemed out of place or hidden within the shadows. Everything was as it had been when Ciel had gone to bed. His violin still lay covered in papers, and his suitcase was still packed in a corner. The innocent surroundings did little to settle Ciel’s unease. There was something sinister afoot, and no manner of peaceful atmosphere was going to convince Ciel otherwise.

“I know you’re there,” he called into the room. No reply came and Ciel hoped that none would come. His body was stiff as he waited for whatever was to come. A weight settled upon the bed to Ciel’s left and the mattress dipped. Ciel’s breath caught and his heart hammered against his chest.

This was it. Ciel knew that the time had come. He did not need to turn to see that it was Sebastian seated next to him, far closer than what he felt comfortable with. His body still remembered the sinful and sickening touches of their last encounter. A shudder went through Ciel, and he tried to move away.

The action only caused Sebastian to chuckle. “You don’t seem pleased to see me, and here I have missed you so much.” A warm tongue passed over Ciel cheek. The feel of such a thing was disgusting but he didn’t flinch away. Such actions seemed to humor the demon and Ciel was not in the mood to be an amusement for the devil.

Ciel remained perfectly still, almost as if he were scared that the simplest of movements would cause Sebastian to pounce. The fear was suffocating. He knew little of what the demon had planned and that only made the situation all the worse. It was very possible that Ciel would not see the sun rise this coming morning.

“You’re not going to even talk to me?” Sebastian looked hurt, but the emotion was only skin deep. His garnet eyes gave him away as they spun with a dark mirth. “I came all this way to hear you play, and you can’t even find it within yourself to give me a warm welcome. Such a rude boy you’ve grown to be.” Each taunting and criticizing word was punctuated with a touch, a caress that made Ciel’s skin crawl.

It was more than Ciel could take and he tore from the bed, moving across the room to stand a good distance away from the demon. From his new perch, Ciel could see Sebastian in his entirety. As always, he was finely dressed in slacks and a button-up dress shirt, the whole outfit black as death. In any other situation, Ciel would have admired Sebastian for his regal beauty, but he could only find him all the more displeasing. Everything about Sebastian was nothing more than a lie to corrupt the innocent.

“You want me to play? You came to hear the sonata I composed for you, am I right?” Ciel ventured to the point of this visit, not wanting to give this devil freedom to do as he pleased. They would keep to the point and not venture into areas as they had during their previous meeting. Ciel had only gambled his soul, not his body, and he would stick to business.

Sebastian said nothing, but stood from the bed. His eyes were on the paper covered violin and he looked as if he were contemplating many things at once. “Are you in that much of a hurry to die?” He asked after a moment, all amusement washed from his face. Suddenly it seemed as if Sebastian had found reason to grow cold and serious. Ciel wasn’t sure which emotion he preferred more on the demon.

A hand with black tinted nails reached out to Ciel, attempting to cup his cheek. Ciel shied away and looked up with defiant blue eyes. “I’m in a hurry to prove that I’ve bested you.” The hand was slapped away and Ciel moved to gather his instrument and notes.

The humor was back in an instant and Sebastian was chuckling once more. “I love how confident you have grown. Have you discovered a tune to please me, little one?” Ciel was forcefully grabbed by his wrist, the violin falling to the ground. He was spun around and pressed into the wardrobe, its handle pressing painfully into his back. A cry tore from Ciel’s mouth a second before he was silenced by Sebastian’s lips.

The kiss was nauseatingly sweet, and left Ciel’s head spinning in disgust. His eyes clamped closed as tears were held at bay. It was all over quickly, but the feel still clung to Ciel no matter how much he wiped at his lips. “Impress me.” Sebastian whispered into Ciel’s ear and was gone.

Looking back up, Ciel saw that he had retaken a seat upon the bed. The new found space between them did little to ease Ciel’s shaken state. He could barely keep the violin steady in his hands as he picked the instrument up from the floor. The bow trembled and Ciel forced himself to find some semblance of calmness.

A sparing glance was given to the scattered papers, but Ciel ended up ignoring them. He knew the notes by heart. How many nights had he spent playing this composition until the morning light came streaming in through his windows? This sonata he knew by heart, for this composition came from the very same organ.

“I call this,” Ciel began, not looking towards Sebastian as he spoke. “Berceuse du Diable.” The Devil’s lullaby.

Violin was brought up to position and bow came to rest upon the strings. Ciel was no longer trembling, his body stiff and rigid as he prepared himself for what was to come. In times past, he had always wondered how he would approach this day and this performance. He had imagined it would be suffocating as nervousness and fear strangled him. There was none of that when the moment came. Ciel did not fear for his life, nor for his soul. As the first notes filled the room, Ciel found himself at peace with himself and his music.

Sebastian was no longer sitting upon the bed looking at him with hungry eyes. Ciel did not think of his parents as they slept unknowing in their bed. All that Ciel could focus on was the eerie and haunting melody of the lullaby he had composed. How the notes would ever lull one into peaceful slumber was lost upon Ciel, but it seemed to calm him in a way that he had never thought possible.

Somewhere along the way, Ciel’s eyes closed and he lost himself completely to the melodies. His body swayed and his fingers danced along the strings to help produce the lovely tunes. This was of no comparison to Sebastian’s tune. Ciel was confident that this was a song no other living mortal could hope to achieve, not without the help of the devil. The thought soured Ciel, but he only put the feeling into his music. It gave it more life and wonder, everything that seemed to lack from the sonatas of today. Ciel had found his love and passion within this soul and sealed it away to give life to himself in the form of songs.

The last note hung in the air for a moment and Ciel allowed himself to catch his breath. His eyes remained closed, not yet ready to return to the hellish reality that awaited him. It was quiet, the room seemingly empty. He could only hear the sounds of the city outside and the pounding of his own heart. It felt as if he were alone. Slowly, Ciel’s eyes began to peel themselves open, seeing the dark room just as it had been when he had shut them. Only one difference seemed to scream out to Ciel. The room was utterly empty of life aside from himself. No one sat upon the bed, nor was there any ghoul hidden within the shadows of the room.

Ciel heart swelled and he believed he had won. How could he not have with a melody as beautiful as the sonata he had composed! He couldn’t believe what luck had befallen him. Sebastian was gone, not a sign of him remained. The bed looked untouched as if the demon had never been there. Hope and joy filled Ciel and he hugged the violin close to his chest. It was his prize for he had won. His soul was still his and he could boast that he had bested the devil.

“I did it!” He exclaimed, taking a step back as he went to twirl himself around with joy. His back hit a sturdy warmth and the world seemed to crumble around him. Every ounce of hope and joy seemed to turn to poison within him, eating away at his muscles like acid. Ciel felt as if he would collapse if strong arms hadn’t wrapped themselves around his waist.

Heated breath was blown onto Ciel’s neck and he felt ready to empty his stomach upon the expensive French floors. “And what did you do?” Sebastian mocked, voice far too close for Ciel’s comfort. “I see no reason for celebration, my boy. I’m rather disappointed. I had expected better from you.” Ciel was quickly spun around and forced back into the wall. He yelled, but it went ignored as Sebastian pressed closer to him, violin tossed to the side.

“I gave you five years, and that was the best you could give me?” Sebastian sounded genuinely disappointed, not that Ciel could care. Fear had filled him once more and he struggled against the restraining hold. Nails dug into his wrist and he cried for Sebastian to stop. They only pressed deeper, causing blood to fall like the tears now staining Ciel’s eyes.

“Give me another chance,” Ciel pleaded. “I can do better.” His mind raced. Where had he gone wrong? What had happened to cause the sonata to fail in its purpose? Had it not been beautiful? What more could he do to perfect it? Nothing was forthcoming, and Ciel whimpered as Sebastian licked and sucked at his neck.

Teeth bit into Ciel’s neck and he trembled and cried for it to stop. “I gave you five years,” Sebastian said, voice dangerous and lips stained with blood. “You had your chance, and you failed. Now it is my turn to claim my prize, and I’m so very hungry.” Ciel found himself believing that. The look within Sebastian’s eyes were that of someone crazed with hunger as they got their first taste of nourishment. The devil lapped at the wound on Ciel’s neck, cleaning up the blood that was quickly staining Ciel’s shirt collar.

“Now be a good boy and allow me to eat.” The words only caused Ciel to fight all the harder. His feet kicked and pushed against the wall and his fists pounded uselessly away at Sebastian. Nothing seemed to phase him, and Ciel became desperate as he began to scream. If only someone could hear. Perhaps his parents would wake; they would save him.

Ciel called for his mother, and he called for his father. His voice was choked with sobs as Sebastian continued to consume his body, tearing away his innocence just as he did his clothes. Every noise Ciel made only seemed to spur Sebastian on, but Ciel could not help himself. He was frantic, and thinking of little else other than the need to survive and make it through this.

Sebastian’s hands were everywhere, touching and clawing at untainted skin, and penetrating areas that had Ciel screaming and begging like the tortured soul he was. “Yes, little one, scream. No one can hear the pretty tunes you play.” Fingers forced their way into Ciel deeper and deeper. He squirmed and kicked, nails tearing into Sebastian’s neck. They felt wet and Ciel knew that he had broken skin, but Sebastian didn’t even seem to notice.

Red eyes glowed as they settled on Ciel’s, and he found himself unable to look away. He could see the horrors of hell within those garnet orbs and Ciel wondered if that was where his fate lay. A maelstrom of feelings knotted in his throat, choking him with their intensity. He felt all hope and fight leave him as his hips were grasped and his body was forced up the wall.

Sebastian pressed into Ciel, violating him in the worst of ways. Screams and pleas bounced off the walls with enough force to shatter the glass within the room. Ciel cried as he was filled and used like a whore. The demon was sure to break him as he erased everything Ciel had held dear. His innocence was stolen, his pride licked from his being, and Ciel was only left with a hollow nothing as Sebastian’s lips crushed against his own.

The kiss was too hard, Sebastian’s tongue slipping too deep. Ciel could feel every inch of the wet muscle as it pushed its way down his throat. He did not squirm, for what good would it do? Every movement he made only helped to increase his pain. Warm blood was already streaming down his thighs. He did not want more. No longer did he wish to live. How could he live with himself after this? Ciel found that Sebastian had made sure that all he could hope for in the end was death. The bet had been lost, and Ciel knew that he could only lay before this devil and offer up his soul.

All the nothingness within Ciel seemed to take shape as Sebastian’s tongue pushed deeper still. It left his legs lifeless and without feeling, his arms soon to follow, as it all twisted and turned into a tight little ball in the pit of Ciel’s stomach. He could not begin to describe the feeling of it all. What could one say about a feeling that went beyond nothingness? It was something only to be experienced, and something Ciel would never wish upon anyone.

Soon Ciel could not feel Sebastian thrusting into him. The pain was fading, and all he could focus on was the tongue probing deep within him as it got closer and closer to the nothingness that still remained. Ciel found himself holding his breath as Sebastian got closer and closer, the wet tongue like a searching snake.

Ciel knew the instant contact was made. Once more, pain became a reality as it felt as if Ciel’s insides were being torn from him. He clung to Sebastian, not realizing that he was finding comfort in the source of his pain. A scream tore Ciel’s throat as more of himself was lost. There was a small part of Ciel that understood what was happening. Underneath the pain and fear, Ciel knew that Sebastian was ripping the soul from Ciel’s body. That wicked tongue was claiming Sebastian’s prize. The more the devil pulled on the soul, carrying it up Ciel’s throat, the less Ciel knew of himself.

Already his head began to spin and his heart slowed to a snail’s pace. Everything seemed blurred, and once more Ciel wished for all of it to end. His eyes were heavy as Sebastian’s tongue came back up into Ciel’s mouth, his soul a hot coal as it was forced past swollen lips. Ciel felt the last connection his body had to his soul fade. It made an audible snap, and then Ciel knew no more.

Sebastian held up the limp body as he detached himself from it. He licked his lips, feeling full and sated. It was truly a shame that he had not been able to play more with Ciel. He let the lifeless body fall to the floor, where it would stay to be found in the morning. Whatever the humans assumed happened to the boy was of little worry to Sebastian. That he did not care about, but a thought did press at his mind, causing a smirk to bloom upon his face.

“You were truly a wondrous instrument,” Sebastian said. He stared down at Ciel’s dead blue eyes. “If only you had played me that sonata to begin with... I might have spared you.” Tormented screams had always held a special place within Sebastian’s heart, and Ciel had been the loveliest that he had ever had the honor of hearing.

One last look was spared for Ciel, dark red eyes flashing in delight. “Au revoir,” Sebastian whispered for no one to hear. He turned away and was gone, leaving just as suddenly as he had come.

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